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Steve Piazzale


It's wonderful to get positive feedback. I often ask my clients to fill out an evaluation form as we wrap up the coaching. For confidentiality reasons, I've protected the identities of those being quoted. For attributed testimonials, please take a look at my LinkedIn and Yelp recommendations. Here's what clients, colleagues, and supervisors say about my coaching:


"Steve Piazzale is excellent as a career coach - from helping with informational reviews, to resume tips, to networking, negotiating and interview help. However, what he adds above and beyond that skill set (and what was most important to me as a client), was empathy, patience and understanding for each individual's situation. I was not given a standard coaching arc but rather he was able to read my personality and make suggestions I was comfortable with, in a time frame that worked for me.

… I ultimately landed a job at a great software company and I negotiated a salary increase from the initial offer, signing bonus and full relocation package - NONE of this would have been possible without Steve's initial patience and guidance. In fact, it was the initial drills that helped me sort out what type of job would work better for me and which allowed me to breeze through the 9 hour interview loop at my new company without even flinching. I think the most telling sign of my experience with Steve is not anything I could say, but rather that I'm sending some high level friends from my days in the Bay Area his way, and they are calling me to say some very sincere Thank You's for the recommendation." -- K.W., Washington

"Dragged down by 2+ years of unemployment, frustration, depression, anger and hopelessness I investigated the help of a career coach, and immediately clicked with Steve. Compassionate but firm, Steve guided me out of the endless trap of self doubt and onto strengthening my PSRs, self confidence, interview skills, focus and overall outlook. I now have a dream job as a Business Analyst, full time employee at Cisco Systems. I could not have presented myself confidently without Steve's help. I continue monthly meetings with Steve to ensure my career is as fine tuned as possible.  Way to go Steve !!"  -- D.T., Mountain View

"I can't thank you enough for the guidance you gave me. I never would have thought to take the risk to put in the personal pitch at the end. Plus, meeting with you gave me the confidence to just 'go for it.' So I'm in Illinois in August! Thanks again for meeting with me on such short notice. I know I wouldn't be heading to the mid-West without your guidance!" --J.E., San Jose

"The structured approach of the coaching relationship combined with focus on my career goals and the brass tacks of job-hunting created a powerful momentum. This focus and momentum really increased both my confidence and effectiveness. Coaching was the antidote to job-search self-doubt and anxiety. Your advice on how to negotiate a good salary paid for the price of our coaching sessions five times over!" -- H.G., San Francisco

 "… a charismatic and wonderful coach and human being. His way of working with people is one that shows a distinct empathy for each person he deals with, and he has the special ability to give his complete attention and interest to each person…he supplies the kind of emotional safety so necessary to anyone who is in career transition and who requires an empathetic and heartfelt approach as well as concrete and practical action steps. I can highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an expert in the career coaching field."  -- S.O., Mountain View

"…an impressively competent guide to career development. He is compassionate as well as professional and has a wonderful understanding of work life. He eagerly shares his knowledge and expertise, always offering support and flexibility. Steve exhibits care in evaluating his client's readiness for new material, while encouraging development of useful skills. He is a marvelous resource with an impressive range of knowledge.

Steve successfully mentored me in the development of a stunning resume, the establishment of comfort in the interview process, and the confident self-appreciation of my own skills and abilities. I have a wonderful new job and am pleased to say that Steve was an important part in making that dream come true."  -- G.O., San Jose

"You are very passionate about what you do…you truly know what you are talking about. If I did not get your help, I would most likely have no clue as to what I would want to do and I would be drifting around aimlessly doing things I don't want. I now know where I'm going and I am happier because of it. I was in good hands and could trust you. You were very effective and very professional. You were a great influence on me and I have gained a tremendous amount after having worked with you. With you, I felt at ease immediately." -- M.S., Palo Alto

"I will sing your praises to anyone I meet who needs a career coach, because I think you're bright, sensitive, intuitive, and articulate, and very well-matched to your profession...I've met plenty of people who are therapists (or coaches) who do not have all of these qualities, and who probably will never have them, no matter how much training they receive.  So, high marks for you."  P.W., San Francisco

"Steve is an excellent career coach. He taught me how to network effectively, how to present myself, and how to position my resume. As a result, I was able to negotiate a difficult career transition during a period of high unemployment and land on my feet with a rewarding growth position." --  K.H. , San Jose

I contacted Steve to help me to transition back to work, in a new industry. I thought that I was looking for some simple advice on improving my resume, writing job applications and attending interviews. Although Steve is very skilled in these areas, the process that he took me through did much more than simply improve my job hunting ability.

He took me on a journey that helped me to make sense of the many conflicts and emotions that are associated with returning to work. I was forced to take a long, hard look at my life and build a case for my future. It helped me to draw out my key skills, priorities and challenges and allowed me to build myself a strategy for moving forward.  That might not sound like a big deal. But it is. Because that occurred within a context where my self confidence was diminishing and where my nights were sleepless because I could not decide what best to do. And now I feel a surge of confidence: confidence in myself – who I am and what I do - and confidence in the path I have chosen.

I move forward with a dramatically improved resume and much improved job hunting skills - but more importantly I move forward with energy and enthusiasm, with confidence and at peace. " -- L.R., Mountain View

"Steve Piazzale is the best career and life coach in the Bay Area. He performs amazing feats and gets you the job you want and places you way above the competition…This guy is a Stanford grad, he will blow you away with his expertise and is in everybody's Rolodex.

Clients love him for his honesty and professionalism. He never ceases to amaze me with his inventiveness and spontaneity. He works very hard for his clients and elicits the best results for them and will get the best job you are looking for.

He doesn't walk on water but he skims across it pretty well without getting more than a light mist on his shoes. "  J.B., Los Gatos

"Steve provided great suggestions but most importantly, Steve re-kindled a sense of self confidence that I had begun to lose. Great to work with, on time, a good value...all true. I highly recommend Steve." M.F. , Palo Alto

"Thank you so much for your expertise, help, insight and support which enabled me to land a great job! There is no way I would have been able to get it without your advice. Thanks again! With gratitude." J.D. San Jose

Other quick comments include:
  • "Very helpful. I really needed the coaching in the area of networking in particular; I credit that directly with leading to the job I finally got."

  • "Very helpful. I was lost and didn't know where to start."

  • "Your empathy and positive energy reduces the anxiety and confidence-draining effects of the job search."

  • "Without your direction I would not have been found by my job. Yes I did find a job more quickly and less search anxiety!"

  • "Very comfortable with your style...Flexible, professionalism...ally of clients."
  • "Appreciate your time, wisdom and direction. I have followed your advice to the letter since I saw you…redoing my resume based on your excellent input. Most importantly, I felt empowered for the first time in years, really, to find the kind of position I want."
  • "I really benefited from talking to you...you gave me very specific and effective advice which made me catch this opportunity."
  • "Does a good job. I was in a situation where I hadn't worked for a long time and was able to get employers to overlook that. Steve – keep up the good work—teach the underdogs how to come out on top."

    Supervisors and Colleagues
    • "Dr. Steve Piazzale is a delightful person and the host of a terrific TV show called "Your Hired!" He's lively and energetic, extremely knowledgeable about career issues, and a person of the highest integrity. That's why I refer all of my clients who are seeking career coaching to Steve. Years ago I was doing career coaching when I first entered the field of coaching. I exited career coaching when my leadership and project management business grew. Now everyone who contacts me about career coaching gets a hearty referral to Steve. He's served many friends and colleagues with excellent results. I highly recommend you trust Steve with your next career transition! After all, each of us will be having a lot of those given the trends in the business world. Enjoy!" - Kimberly Weifling, M.S.
    • "Extremely effective as a coach—he’s just a 'natural!' Everyone who meets with him gives us (staff) extremely positive feedback. Steve clearly has the ability to listen, see people's 'blocks' and guide them, through questions and discussion, towards a commitment to productive action steps." - Kitty Wilson, ProMatch Program Manager
    • "All of us on the ProMatch staff would recommend Steve Piazzale as a personal productivity coach or consultant without hesitation. He maintains the necessary balance between sensitivity and empathy on the one hand, and the need for tangible goals and progress on the other.  He is delightful to work with and has successfully coached individuals from a variety of ages, cultures and professional backgrounds." - Kitty Wilson, ProMatch Program Manager

    • "A career coach/workshop facilitator who possesses extraordinary skill and has a natural talent and passion for his work...Exceptional listener; has true empathy for (client's) personal situations. Commitment"..."In my book, they don't come any better." - Connie Brock, ProMatch
    • "Made such a lasting and positive impression that individuals in our program routinely seek me out to cite their praise for the insights, encouragement and assistance they have received from him in virtually every aspect of their job searches."  - Connie Brock, ProMatch
    • Very enthusiastic about what he does and about helping people. The things he was able to teach, even in just a short one hour workshop, were invaluable." - Annie Ossentjuk, Human Resources, TeleAtlas Corporation.
    • "I gained great insight attending his workshops & highly recommend him to any organization or group looking for career development opportunities. Also to individuals in pursuit of that perfect resume or that next great job, Steve has the abilities to help you get there."  - Annie Ossentjuk, Human Resources, TeleAtlas Corporation.

          Other quick comments include:

    • "Tremendously helpful to (clients), helping them see/move past their perceived barriers and get their job search activities back on track...Tactful and supportive while also keeping a focus on people's need to move forward."
    • "Consistently booked out weeks in advance...regularly sought out speaker on job search topics." 
    • "Workshops on resume development, interviewing and networking--great turn out for each session and feedback from employees at the conclusion of the sessions was excellent." 
    • "You are SO amazing!!!"

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