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Steve Piazzale
 Services: Who, How, & What?

Is this for you? How will we work together? What services will you receive? Good questions. Here are the answers:

Who I work with: Is this for you?

I work with a wide variety of employees, managers, executives, job seekers, and career changers from those just entering the work force or who have been out of work for quite some time to those who are currently employed but not satisfied with their job or their job performance. I also work with corporations enabling them to excel and also to deliver outplacement services efficiently and effectively.

Where does the coaching take place?

I help clients around the world, therefore coaching can take place in person at my office in Sunnyvale, California or on the phone, or via Skype video. We can tailor a program for you that uses one or all these methods--it's up to you. Each method has its advantages, but the key is they all work!

Are some of these statements true for you?
  • I keep applying for jobs and talking with people but nothing is happening. The phone just doesn't ring.
  • I think my cover letter and rsum are pretty good but I know they could be better.
  • I've told my friends what I'm looking for but I don't seem to be connecting with the right people.
  • How do I make the connections to get at that hidden job market everyone is talking about? By the time I find out about a job, there are already 100s of applicants.
  • I have a job but it just doesn't satisfy me; there must be something better. I feel stuck!
  • Isn't there more interesting work for me, something closer to my passion? I'm tired of working here.
  • I'm thinking of making a career change but to what and can I afford the time it takes?
  • I keep trying but I'm not that focused, feels like everything is going in slow motion.
  • I'm stuck and have no momentum.
  • I've had a few interviews but think I could handle those new competency questions better.
  • I keep repeating the same mistakes I made at other jobs and make the same first impression. I've got to hit the ground running this time.
  • Can't I improve my job performance or will I always be in this position?
  • How do I get recognized and then promoted to better paying, more satisfying work?
  • How do I more effectively lead, manage, and motivate my team?
  • How can I more productively run my company?
  • How can I reduce my stress?
Sound familiar? I work with people who ask these (and many other) very legitimate questions. Together we can solve these problems much more quickly than you would on your own. By finding the work you want and deserve more quickly, you save money, time, and lots of stress. Plus, it's hard to put a price tag on finding work that's both meaningful and lucrative!

My Approach: How we'll work together

I will work one-on-one with you. I'll listen carefully, sympathetically, and analytically to what you say and together we will quickly make progress toward your goals. Here are the key aspects of my approach:
  • Careful listening and understanding. 
  • Trust that you have the answers inside you.
  • Focus on attaining goals that you define.
  • Constant emphasis on your return on investment.
  • Daily actions that improve your self-confidence.
  • Breaking larger goals into achievable momentum-building steps.
  • Attention to managing your stress. 
  • Regular support and championing; having someone in your corner.
  • Expert and realistic advice at each step along the way.
  • Pushing you when you need it, but supporting you as well.
  • Sounding board for all ideas and concerns.
  • Brainstorming new ideas and approaches.
  • Creating a safe place for you to share what's really going on.
  • And above all, getting you the work you want and deserve!
For a complete discussion of how coaching works best, please see the Career/Life Coaching page's discussion of "Are You Ready to Maximize the Value of Being Coached?"

Corporate Services
  • Hire the right person the first time. Save money, time, and frustration by selecting and interviewing the best candidates.
  • Learn the latest in competency-based behavioral interviewing techniques.
  • Develop career resilience. Outplacement services for employees in transition--networking, rsums, interviewing, negotiation and much more.
  • Executive coaching: development of leadership, management, vision, emotional and social intelligence, listening, and other top-level management skills.
  • Making your organization effective and poised for success.
  • Team building, conflict resolution, anger management, Stress Management Training.
  • Foster the "Intrepreneurial spirit"--creative problem solving within your corporation.
  • Career and Life Coaching for individual employees (improve performance, get recognized and promoted, foster life-long learning, work effectively with your team, manage anger and stress, deal with difficult co-workers, develop career resilience, and build a meaningful career).

What I Provide

  • To keep the accounting simple, I ask that full payment for services be made at the end of each session (if the session is by phone, then payment needs to be made before the session starts by mailing a check or using PayPal--please direct funds to Steve@BayAreaCareerCoach.com--or via U.S. mail). Do ask about my money saving pre-payment plans--this can mean a 15% discount.
  • When I schedule an appointment with you, I block out the time and make no other commitments, turning away business. For this reason and also to keep our momentum strong, I ask that you please provide a 48-hour cancellation notice. If this is not provided, I need to charge for the missed session.

Making Payments
You can use this secure encrypted PayPal link to make payments from either your own PayPal account or from any charge card. Please note that to use it, you need to have your "internet options" set to "accept cookies."

If you encounter problems with time-out messages, please access PayPal from www.PayPal.com and direct payment to Steve@BayAreaCareerCoach.com. Thank you!

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Steve Piazzale, Ph.D.